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2022 Mother Tongue Fortnight——Virtual Exhibition by VJC Chinese Calligraphy Society (母语双周维初书协展览)

Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight is around the corner (around May 11th).

Video 1

The video below (completed on May 8) consists of 3 sections: "Section 1: Chinese Calligraphy (Pen) Works by CCA Members (Class 2021)", "Section 2: Chinese Calligraphy (Brush) Works & Paintings by CCA Members (Class 2021)", and "Section 3: Chinese Calligraphy (Brush & Pen) Works & Paintings by Former CCA Members". It shows our CCA members' ceaseless efforts in improving our skills and striving for excellence. It will be displayed at our booth during Mother Tongue Fortnight and visitors are welcome to scan a QR Code to view the video.

Video 2

The video below was my first attempt (completed on April 13). There are 2 parts of the virtual tour: PART 1 is CCA Artworks Showcase (my works completed in Chinese Calligraphy Club) while PART 2 shows prominent artwork painted by artists from Han to Qing Dynasty. Hopefully, viewers can have a more thorough understanding of the characteristics, as well as the historical, cultural, and socio-economic significance of Chinese art. After the last painting, Along the River During the Qingming Festival, is displayed, viewers will be invited to ‘take a seat’ at the arbor and review what they had just been through. The background music is A Love Letter to Filmmakers by Shan Yichun, in which sharp vicissitudes of social and emotional experiences common for many artists are expressed. The song commemorates these great artists for their innovative spirit and ceaseless efforts.

Isometric Views

Video Sketching Process

(1) Tracing the Outline of the Characters

(2) Extrusion of the Characters

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