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Transcend the Corner (无独有“隅”)

The scene is centered around a conceptual corner (“隅”). The artwork shows how art and technology may converge from my perspective. The title “无独有隅” uses the juxtaposition of “无独有偶” (coincidentally, or having more than one) and “安于一隅” (satisfied with staying in a cozy corner, or the current situation). It expresses my wish for my views influenced by Eastern and Western cultures, to go beyond my own community to reach a larger audience, thus “Transcend the Corner”.

On the right wall, there are 3 of my Chinese traditional brush paintings. The middle, left, and right pieces represent my principles, wishes, and pursuits. 


On the left wall, 2 wallpapers lighten up viewers’ moods. The cat’s curious eyes lead viewers into the engineering world. The mechanical and electrical designs can be just as aesthetically pleasing as fine artworks.


The paintings satisfy the aesthetics. XCT ensures a healthier life. The drone entertains wild dreams of going higher and higher. RFM enhances the conventional cooking experience. The 3D-printed food epitomizes my appreciation for the opportunity for me (who come from China) to live and study in Singapore, a multicultural society. These ideas originate from art and combine technology to improve my own, and hopefully, more people’s life.


The corner is then turned upside down and inside out to let the viewer appreciate the concept of this corner from an outsider’s view, leaving space for imagination and interpretation. Lastly, viewers’ attention is again drawn to the 3 drawings, which are what define me for now.

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RFM: ResourceFood (Resourceful) Machine

3D Demonstration of Various Functions

Fully 3D-printed Prototype

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