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3D Art

Blueprint for 3D-Printed Food


3D-printed Model & Overhang-removing Process

An ASEAN Melting Pot (餍足——交融)

The dish integrates food representative of ASEAN cultures. We can wrap the lettuce around other elements by hand, or eat them with chopsticks. We can enjoy Singapore–flavored chili lobster. Tender egg and tofu compensate for the greasy chicken. Crispy chips and oreo balance the salty patty and cheese. We can eat roti prata with blueberry jam (map of ASEAN countries) on the side of the bowl. Chewy mushrooms and green beans complement the spongy lobster. Kopi Luwak symbolises novelty, adorned by a strawberry.

Everything tastes good, but everything tastes better when complemented by each other. May ASEAN countries cooperate to make the region thrive.

Chinese Art Virtual Tour - Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight

Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight is around the corner (around May 11th). This is my first attempt at creating a virtual tour. There are 2 parts of the tour: PART 1 is CCA Artwork Showcase (my work completed in Chinese Calligraphy Club) while PART 2 shows prominent artwork painted by artists from Han to Qing Dynasty. Hopefully, viewers can have a more thorough understanding of the characteristics, as well as the historical, cultural, and socio-economic significance of Chinese art. After the last painting, Along the River During the Qingming Festival, is displayed, viewers will be invited to ‘take a seat’ at the arbour and review what they had just been through.

The background music is @shanyichun1223's A Love Letter to Filmmakers, in which sharp vicissitudes of social and emotional experiences common for many artists are expressed. The song commemorates these great artists for their innovative spirit and ceaseless efforts.

Drop by our booth during MTL Fortnight for more exhibitions and hands-on activities😆~

Glimpses into the Virtual Tour

Spring Couplets.PNG
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