Born in July 2003 in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, Zhu Yuxin had lived in her home city Xi’an for 15 years before she went to Singapore to further her academic study on a scholarship. In Xi’an, one of the oldest cities in China, artifacts such as the forest of steles abound. In this environment conducive to traditional art, she became familiar with various art styles (crayon drawing, watercolor, Chinese Traditional Brush Painting & Calligraphy, graphite painting, etc.) at a tender age. Art has always been her way of self-expression and exploration.

Her works are influenced by her art teachers, Chinese artists 刘彦、 刘前子、罗晨, and her Calligraphy teacher, Chinese artist 王元宏, who are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of young artists in 墨画堂. She has learned various techniques from these artists, including “本源画法” developed by Professor 车志胜. Several journeys of En plein air to places of interest in China have allowed her to interpret nature in the language of traditional art. During Zhu Yuxin's stay in Singapore for 3 years, her teacher in charge of the Chinese Calligraphy Society, Singaporean artist Lau Meow Noi (刘妙莲) further introduced her to a broader scope of Chinese art.

Zhu Yuxin finds it fascinating to observe and render the most delicate nuances in different structures, which resembles solving mathematical puzzles. For this very reason, she started to explore how art and technology may converge and started to learn engineering designs and the physics behind them. 

Zhu Yuxin will follow her passion and continue to explore the possibilities of different art styles and mediums, especially 3D art. It is her genuine wish that boundaries between cultures and between art and science can gradually fade away in the near future. Art, to Zhu Yuxin, is something transcendental——it epitomizes opportunities, possibilities, and innovation, just like science does. 

Art Portfolio


  1. ​Grade 6 in Chinese Traditional Brush Painting (obtained in early 2016, age 12)

  2. Grade 6 in Chinese Calligraphy (obtained in early 2017, age 13)

  3. Grade 4 in Acoustic Guitar (obtained in March 2018, age 14)

Art / Design Awards

(In chronological order)

  1. Bronze in the 25th World Calligraphy Itinerant Grand Exhibition, artwork being exhibited in Chui Huay Lim Club Exhibition Hall (Level 4), 190 Keng Lee Road Singapore 308409 during December 24-26

  2. Merit in Ngee Ann National Students’ Calligraphy Competition 2022, Junior College Category

  3. 2nd Place in the 22nd National Calligraphy Competition (NTU NCCC), Pen Category (https://linktr.ee/ntunccc)

  4. Bronze in World Charity Painting Competition 2021 (Youth Group) held by Asian Art Association (AAA) (https://en.artassociation.asia/wcpc2021/youthgroupbronze/)

  5. Silver in the “Designing with TI Graphing Calculators 2021” Competition, designed an image using mathematical functions/equations, with the theme “Stay Safe and Get Vaccinated” (https://sites.google.com/site/designwithgccompetition/theme-2021-stay-safe-and-get-vaccinated/individual)

  6. 1st Runner-up in Engineering Innovation Challenge (EIC) 2021, Junior College Category (as a one-member team) with the project “XCT: X-ray COVID Terminator” (https://www.science.edu.sg/for-schools/competitions/energy-innovation-challenge)

  7. Young Talent Award and Silver Award in Aspiration 2021 (11-13 December), aka. Singapore Teachers’ Art Society Annual Art Exhibition 2021 (https://www.stas.sg/aspiration-2021/)

  8. 4th Place in 32nd National Schools Chinese Calligraphy Competition 2021 

  9. Finalist of 5th Annual Spring Festival Couplets Competition (sponsored by Chou Sing Fu Foundation) 2020 (http://www.chouscfoundation.org/events/5th-annual-spring-festival-couplets-competition/)

  10. Distinction in Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition 2020 (https://www.syf.gov.sg/)

  11. Bronze Award in Singapore International Original Comics Competition 2019 (Youth Category) with the theme “Wildlife Symphony” (https://sgiocc.com/y2019/)

  12. Merit in both categories in 10th National Brush and Pen Calligraphy Competition of Singapore 2019 

  13. Work Attachment at Mosaic Workshop (Arts and Crafts) 2019 (https://www.facebook.com/187808201294674/posts/mosaic-workshop-address-412-joo-chiat-roadsingapore-437637email-infomosaicworksh/1069769796431839/)

  14. Bronze in 16th “Chunya Bei” Chinese Traditional Brush Painting 2018

  15. 1st Prize in “Calligraphy into Campus” Inter-School Calligraphy Competition 2017

  16. Bronze in 14th “Chunya Bei” Chinese Traditional Brush Painting 2016

  17. Silver in “Kaiyuan Shengshi Bei” Chinese Calligraphy Competition 2016, works selected to be exhibited in Macau. 

  18. Silver in 12th “Chunya Bei” Chinese Traditional Brush Painting 2014 

  19. Selected as Student Ambassador since 2013 and fully sponsored by 墨画堂, an Art-and-Calligraphy institution/studio in my Xi’an, to learn Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Painting for free from Grade 5 onwards

Art-related Activities

  1. My artwork “Indefatigable Beauty 旑而碐磳” was presented to Dr. Beh Swan Gin, Chairman of Singapore Economic Development Board, who was invited to our school on August 3, 2022, as the Guest of Honor to give a talk on recent trends in the global economy and the challenges that Singapore faces today.

  2. My art series “Four Junzi 四君子” was displayed at the concourse of my school from July 23, 2022 (College Day) onwards as part of a self-initiated Chinese Art Exhibition in hopes of letting more guests, teachers, and fellow students learn more about and appreciate Chinese culture. 

  3. Mother Tongue Fortnight (set up Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Painting booths, displayed my own series of 5 artworks themed tiger, plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum, and made a virtual exhibition of works of CCA members via 3D modeling), May 7, 2022

  4. College Day: represented the school (Victoria Junior College) to present the gift, a self-illustrated Chinese Brush Painting of cattleya orchids, to the Guest of Honour, July 7, 2021

  5. Mother Tongue Fortnight (set up Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Painting booths and exhibitions), April 28, 2021

  6. Designed the posters (digital art using the software Procreate) for Guide Dog Singapore to raise public awareness of the welfare of the visually impaired and guide dogs, 2021 (3h/week, 40h in total)

  7. Represented school to perform Chinese traditional brush painting of the theme “spirit of firefighting, sense of patriotism” for firefighters at Fire Station, Xi’an, on National Firefighters’ Day of China, 2019

  8. Organize, Design and Host: Asian Delights 2019 (6h)

  9. Liaised with Evergrande Villas, a real estate agency, to hold a gathering to promote Chinese Calligraphy in the neighborhood, and gave away Spring Couplets at the site during the Spring Festival in winter, 2019

  10. Fundraising for the less privileged by brush-painting and selling Chinese fans at places of interest in Taihang Mountains, Shanxi, China, in 2019

  11. Fundraising for the less privileged by brush-painting and selling Chinese fans at places of interest in Fengxian, Shaanxi, China, in 2018

  12. Fundraising for the less privileged by brush painting in mountains, some artworks are kept by Manghe Ecotourism Area, Jincheng, China to promote the place to tourists, in 2017

  13. Paint, do Chinese Calligraphy on the street, and sell the artworks on the spot to raise money for charities (24h each year, 3 years in total), Grade 7-9

  14. Volunteer for Community Cleanup while handing out Calligraphy artworks to the elderly during the Qingming, Mid-Autumn, and Spring Festivals (50h/year, 3 years in total), Grade 7-9

  15. 2014 “56 Ethnic Groups Hand in Hand” Summer Camp, represented school (Xi’an Primary School) as a student ambassador to give my own painting as a gift to a student from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region