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An ASEAN Melting Pot

This art project is created using Shapr3D to celebrate 2022 International Friendship Day.

The dish integrates food representative of ASEAN cultures. We can wrap the lettuce around other elements by hand, or eat them with chopsticks. We can enjoy Singapore–flavored chili lobster. Tender egg and tofu compensate for the greasy chicken. Crispy chips and oreo balance the salty patty and cheese. We can eat roti prata with blueberry jam (map of ASEAN countries) on the side of the bowl. Chewy mushrooms and green beans complement the spongy lobster. Kopi Luwak symbolizes novelty, adorned by a strawberry.

Everything tastes good, but everything tastes better when complemented by each other. May ASEAN countries cooperate to make the region thrive.

Sketching Process

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