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Components of X-Ray COVID Terminator & Its Prototype Explained in Detail

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

X-Ray COVID Terminator & X-Ray Tube


Here is an overview of how the device X-Ray COVID Terminator works. The black part is the wall adapter which converts 240V AC input to 12V DC output. It is connected to the high power supply made of gas tube power supply and a perfboard with capacitors to step up the voltage to 3000V, 1A output. The red wire is the positive output connected to the anode while the white wire is the negative output connect to the cathode. From the left side of the device, the is a little fan attached to the lead casing to draw air into the coiled glass tube. Air passes through the glass tube and the X-ray tube inside the casing will kill the virus with Ionizing radiation. Lastly, the fan on the right side will draw clean air out of the device.

This is a break down of an X-ray tube. The tube housing shields some of the X-ray. This is the bottom part holding the cathode. Inside the cathode, there are 2 tungsten filaments to produce a focused electron beam to be shone onto the anode. This is the rotating anode. The screw in blue holds the shaft of the anode. The Kinetic energy of the electrons shone unto the anode will be converted to X-ray photons to be emitted. Lastly, the X-ray tube looks like this on the outside.


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