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RFM: ResourceFood (Resourceful) Machine

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

The prototype of RFM is updated with an in-depth research into the functionality of the 3D design. Improving upon the first prototype of RFM (which has been integrated in my art projects shown in other sections), the design of components of the newest model is justified with numbers and reasoning,

The following research report include specific renderings and calculations base on physical/mathematical models.

ResourceFood (Resourceful) Machine
Download PDF • 20.55MB

The follower A1 Poster submitted for SUTD 3D Printing and Design Innovation Challenge 2022 highlights some of the key features of RFM:

RFM_AI_Zhu Yuxin
Download AI • 80.41MB

The following video shows the realistic rendering of RFM.

Much more can be shown about RFM in my videos (on Vimeo) and documents (in Excel, MATLAB, etc.).

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